This Lt. Colonel Dereck Alphonso, came to speak and speak against the Constitutional Law violations that were comitted by the Katy ISD , Katy Texas School District, and with a 30 minute time allotment and only 2 speakers that were presenting, they cut the Lt. Col off, a Katy Texas former Elected Official of 8 years, and refused to allow him to finish when he only aked for 3 minutes. His mic was CUT, and they asked him for his written statement. This was so Orwellian Creepy, that I submit that this is the beginning of a Communist set up, in combination with certain Federal Programs that will exist to rule over us and tell us what how and when children will do what and for what they will be arrested chareged and convicted of, regardless of any perceived rights. If this is not immediately changed, this is EXACTLY what will be governing us all.

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November 14, 2014 in News by Manny Quiroz ~ RBN ~ Republic Broadcasting Network

Source: Police State USA

The final moments before Deputy Tyler Brockman killed Samantha Ramsey while fleeing from a party. (Image: YouTube)

HEBRON, KY — Police charged into a darkened field trying to arrest teenagers for consuming alcohol without government permission, and killed a young woman in the process.

The deadly raid occurred in the early morning hours of Saturday, April 26th, 2014. After witnessing “cars full of juveniles” and “hear[ing] loud music and people screaming,” Boone County Sheriff’s Deputy Tyler Brockman radioed for “several patrol cars for assistance, as it seem[ed] like a large party with underage drinking was going on,” according to an official report.

Deputies responded in force and attempted to surround the party, which was taking place on a rural road in Hebron, Kentucky.

As red and blue lights approached, the teens scrambled to escape the government agents. One girl, 19-year-old Samantha Ramsey, got behind the wheel of her 2001 white Subaru, along with 3 of her friends.

Dashcam video from a police cruiser depicted the moment Ms. Ramsey, who worked as a preschool teacher, tried to escape. As her car pulled onto the street, the teen passed Boone County Sheriff’s Deputy Tyler Brockman, who can be seen clearly standing to the side of her vehicle on the driver’s side. He was shining a flashlight at her and barking orders to stop.

“…after she kept moving is when the cop jumped on top of the car and he just opened fire.”
Intent on imprisoning the girl for her beverage consumption, Deputy Brockman confronted Ms. Ramsey and tried to position himself in the forward trajectory of the vehicle.

The vehicle slid out of view just as the deputy closed in on the driver’s window; Ms. Ramsey had not stopped her vehicle. There is some dispute about events that followed, but the confrontation ended when Deputy Brockman fired four shots through the windshield, fatally striking the teen.

The shooting itself occurred off-camera, but several of the young partygoers were filmed reacting hysterically to bloody encounter; flailing arms and crying. The victim’s car ended up in a ditch and a cloud of smoke billowed forth, along with a passenger who stumbled out and collapsed onto the road.

The incident occurred at 2:13 a.m.

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On BUZZSAW with Actor/Film maker Sean Stone, Tom and Sean tear down the 14th Amendment, the Secret Constitution, and Govt. Gangsterism and revenue generation in the guise of crime reduction. The BUNDY Ranch is discussed along with solutions and the importance of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Assn. Organic Constitutional principles need to be reset as if we had been infected as a computer is with a virus….. The Constitution needs a Factory Reset !

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The Obama Admin, Prosecuting Americans For International Treaty Violations, Are Small Arms Next?


article written by Tom Lacovara and Sheila Zilinsky

Little spoken about is the treasonous small arms treaty signed by John Kerry. Why may you ask was it treasonous?

It was, due to the legal fact that the United States citizens, are NOT subject to any treaty that trumps Constitutional rights. The main stream, lame stream media, once again, is failing miserably to adequately inform the public of this clear and present danger upon the sovereignty of the people. Contrary to the majority of the public being against gun bans and gun control, the Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino exposed this to be the lie that it was. This caused him to quit, out of principle, and out of reverence and respect for the US Constitution. We must rally behind such courageous individuals, who walk away from nearly a lifetime in a career that they love, when they are so shaken to the core that they feel compelled to do something. To do something bold……risking failure and opposition that far exceeds their financial considerations….. But individuals like Dan Bongino, and Robby Wells who run for office and those such as Ben Swann that have such journalistic integrity, that they shy away from the establishment and the main stream….and grass roots efforts come flowing right behind them.  While the signing of the small arms treaty was ignored by some, explained away by others, an all too ominous case was tried. The defenses were once again tested by the Obama administration.

This time the story had nothing to do with international law, or at least it shouldn’t have….The case was Bond v. US. The Obama Administration chose to prosecute Carol Bond, who poisoned her husband. And they tried to charge her with an “international treaty violation” that relates to the use of “chemical weapons”. This in and of itself is so preposterous, that the intention of a treaty be used against an individual citizen, as it is clearly meant to keep nations from using weapons of mass destruction against one another or its own citizenry. The treaty binds governments, not the people of whom they are employed. The constant attempts by this and the previous administration send shockwaves of warnings…”Danger, Danger”, Will Robinson, there are seriously ominous times ahead, as the famous robot from “Lost In Space” would say…and that is exactly what I feel like I am as I internalize and realize the actual intentions of these people, of this man, of this Marxist.

The trying of this case had absolutely nothing to do with this murder or justice. Justice would have her in the State court of which she was charged, and she would be judged buy a jury of her peers and sentenced accordingly. But this push was a political push to seize more power and this power is so un-Constitutional, it is utter and direct usurpation by the administration, and another step closer to what will surely be my death for writing. Do you understand people? Are you getting it? This is the rise of a power to realize total global governance, and destroy the rights of the people by which these people have clearly shown they do not serve. Obama does not care about what we feel or think. This is a move toward totalitarianism……Marxism is the evil of mankind.   I pray that we come up to a hail Mary moment, that the American people catch in the end zone. Because if we do the same as the Germans did, we will be surely living in a “sectored” U.S.S.A. I never dreamed when I was younger that one day I would fear writing. That I would so absolutely be sickened by the inhumanity of it all.  At least the Supreme Court still stood the line. But with no enforcement arm, it is beginning to appear that the real truth is that we may already be living under a soft constant form of “martial law’. I pray I am wrong……

The following is an exchange that came directly from the S.C.O.T.U.S. web site…. the Obama lawyer’s  exchange

from SCOTUS Blog:

Justice Sotomayor said “it would be deeply ironic” if the Court were to find unconstitutional the U.S. role under the chemical weapons treaty at the very time the global community was trying to deal with Syria. Justice Elena Kagan cautioned about asking judges to try to “get into the minds” of those negotiating world treaties like the chemical weapons pact.

But Verrilli seemed to be tested more rigorously in trying to persuade the Court not to start drawing lines to limit treaty power or treaty implementation, as the more conservative Justices — sometimes using sarcasm — challenged his core argument. The conservatives were joined in their challenges by Justice Stephen G. Breyer, who often is a strong defender of national government power.

But it was Breyer who seemed to irritate Verrilli the most, when the Justice discussed how open-ended the weapons treaty was — so much so that it might even reach disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong’s use of performance-enhancing drugs — and pressed Verrilli to say what limits, if any, there were on the treaty’s reach. “Hypotheticals are just hypotheticals; they are not real cases,” Verrilli shot back.

Verrilli, though, also had to face some tart responses. Justice Samuel A. Alito, Jr., said that the hypotheticals the Justices were reciting were not real cases “because you haven’t prosecuted them.” Alito went on to test the government position by noting that, a few days ago, he and his wife had passed out “chemical weapons” to children — that is, Halloween chocolate. He noted that “chocolate is poisonous to dogs,” and the treaty bans the use of any chemical harmful to animals as well as humans.

When Justice Breyer commented lightly that “there was chocolate all over the place,” Verrilli bluntly commented: “This is serious business.”

Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., repeatedly questioned the Solicitor General about whether there is any constitutional limit on Congress’s power to enter treaties or implement them, and whether a treaty could give Congress the authority to claim ”national police powers.” Verrilli answered that it would be ”unimaginable that the Senate would ratify” such a treaty.

But that answer prompted Justice Anthony M. Kennedy to say: “It seems unimaginable that you did bring this prosecution (of Carol Bond).”

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Hillary paid Facebook to rig elections while colluding with Russian Uranium One

American Intelligence Media

Citizens Intelligence Report by the American Intelligence Media

Crime 1: Her private email server hid unpublished 2009-2010 State Department contracts with Facebook managed by Dmitry Shevelenko.

Crime 2: Hillary’s Facebook “election winning template” clearly violates The Hatch Act.

Crime 3: Hillary’s contracts obstructed justice in Leader v. Facebook.

Crime 4: Hillary colluded with Facebook to set State Department Internet policy.

Oct. 26, 2017—On May 26, 2009, Russian oligarch Yuri Milner invested $200 million in Facebook private stock brokered by his Russian partner Goldman Sachs. Milner had worked for Obama’s 2008 bailout director Larry H. Summers when he was chief economist for the World Bank in the early 1990’s as a researcher along with Sheryl K. Sandberg, who later became Summer’s chief of staff at the U.S. Treasury, then started Gmail and is now Facebook’s chief operating officer. While Sandberg started Gmail for Google, Milner started The intent to…

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The Hate Machine: How the Southern Poverty Law Center Is Cashing in by Bashing Christians | CBN News


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Oregon Standoff – Bundy Ranch – Uranium and much more – Looking Back

via Uranium, the Bundy ranch, and the fall guy for the FBI

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Gov’t Revokes Off-Grid Amish Community’s Religious Rights, Forces Them to Use Electricity

In spite of the fact that they have harmed no one, a court is forcing an Amish family to violate their religious beliefs and use electricity. 



An Amish community in Warren County has just lost a major battle against the state which is now requiring them to violate their religious beliefs and use electricity. Despite the Yoder family never causing harm to anyone by not using electricity, the government is forcing them to connect to the grid anyway.

At the heart of the Amish religion is the rejection of individualism. The Amish anti-individualist orientation is the motive for rejecting labor-saving technologies that might make one less dependent on their community. Modern innovations like electricity might spark a competition for status goods which is in direct conflict with the Amish way of life. Therefore, they reject it.

While the Amish lifestyle may seem odd to others, the fact that it causes no harm should mean that no one should be able to force them to change. Sadly, that is not the case.

The Yoder family lives entirely off-grid. This off-grid religious lifestyle includes the use of a self-composting toilet—an “old-fashioned privy”—that did not require electricity or running water.

Read more here:

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Prosecution in Bundy Trial Broke the Law – When Prosecutors Become Persecutors

Bundy Trial Weekly Update
Prosecution Found Guilty

by Terry Noonkester

The last days of the Bundy trial were no longer about the protest between the ranchers and BLM over grazing rights.  The courts attention was drawn to how the prosecution and the agency’s they represented have disregarded the Constitutional rights of the accused.

On December 20th, 2017, Judge Navarro presided over a hearing for the USA v Cliven Bundy trial to give her decision on the defense’s motions for dismissal due to prosecutorial misconduct.  The prosecutors committed Brady violations when they failed to turn over evidence favorable to the defense.

Judge Navarro spent nearly two hours detailing six Brady violations made by the prosecution team.  The team is comprised of Acting U.S. Attorney, Steven Myhre, and Assistant U.S. Attorneys, Daniel Schiess and Nadia Ahmed.  Myhre had been a federal prosecutor for more than 25 years. Navarro said the evidence withheld was “material” to the defense case and that each of the prosecution’s six “willful” violations resulted in due process violations.

One prosecution violation was in regard to the surveillance camera or cameras that captured images, and possibly audio, of the Bundy home, and at other times, surveillance of two other locations.  The defense had repeatedly asked for any documentation regarding the surveillance, but the prosecution denied the existence of these camera’s until a government witness, U.S. Park Service Chief Investigator, Mary Hinson, testified to their existence.

Another violation was about the existence of sniperspositioned around the Bundy home.  The defense needed the FBI reports on these snipers to rebut the governments charges that claimed the Bundy’s and Ryan Payne made false claims that snipers were surrounding the Bundy home.

These FBI reports on snipers were denied and suppressed.  The records now show there were at least 197 paramilitary personnel at the Bundy Ranch in April 2014. There were pictures of snippers on the high ground near the ranch.  The paramilitary personnel were from the Las Angeles SWAT, The Las Vegas Metro SWAT and the FBI Hostage Rescue Team along with the BLM law enforcement and their ‘contract cowboys’.

There were several threat assessment reports made by the FBI throughout an extended timeframe of several years.  The prosecution claimed the Bundy family was assessed as being dangerous, but failed to make the reports available to the defense.  The Bundy’s and several supporters were denied bail because of these assessments until the prosecution’s witness, Mary Jo Rugwell, former head of  the BLM district office in southern Nevada, testified that the reports classified the Bundy’s as not a threat or as a low threat.  These assessments were then released to Judge Navarro, who then ruled that the defendants could be released from prison, to be monitored with ankle bracelets at host homes in Las Vegas.  The defendants may have spent 20 months in prison because of false statements made by the prosecution.

There was also a BLM assessment that grazing had not harmed the desert tortoise.  This refutes the governments claims that the cattle roundup was done to protect the tortoise.

Navarro repeatedly referred to the date that production of the evidence was required as October 1st, 2017; the discovery date for this trial.  Although the withheld evidence was also needed by the defense in the first two Cliven Bundy et al trials, violations for those trials are not covered by violations confirmed in this trial.

Navarro declared a mistrial because of the government’s “willful failure to disclose information” to the defense. She said; “A fair trial at this point is impossible.”

Ryan Bundy asked the Judge if that meant all the defendants would be released.  She told him that he would have to go through Pre-trial Services to  get any modification of his release.  Ryan asked if Todd Engel, and Greg Burleson would be released.  She said that was not up to her, a jury had convicted them.  She made it clear that the first two Bundy Trials in Las Vegas were not covered by this mistrial.

The jury was then brought into the courtroom for the first time in 9 days,  Judge Navarro told them that there had been a lot of new evidence in the trial; 3,300 pages of new evidence.  The attorneys would need a lot of extra time to go through all the new evidence so the trial had to be declared a mistrial because it was going to take too long.  She thanked them for their services and sacrifices several times and dismissed them as jurors.  She never mentioned that the prosecution was the party late with the evidence, nor did she say anything about Brady violations.

The procedure to be followed now is for lawyers for the defense and the prosecution to file briefs explaining to Judge Navarro how they think the trial should be concluded.  The prosecution would normally try to convince the judge that the case should be retried. The defense wants the judge to dismiss the case with prejudice; meaning all charges would be dropped and the prosecution would be barred from trying the case again.  December 29th is the deadline for the lawyers to file their arguments regarding how the trial should end.  Navarro has set the date for her decision as January 8th, 2018 at the courthouse.

At the end of the hearing on December 20th, Navarro instructed the prosecution to go through all the evidence that was covered by a protective order and remove any evidence that does not need to be under such a restrictive court order.  The judge also requested that any unnecessary redactions be removed.  The only sanctions imposed on the prosecution from Navarro’s court will be the mistrial or dismissal of the case.  Navarro has also followed court protocol to set a “calendar call” for February 15th,  and a new trial date for February 26th, 2018; but these dates are not expected to be needed.

After the courtroom was adjourned, the defendants were able to visit with the jurors.  Ammon said all the jurors he talked to were friendly and some wished to visit the ranch.  Some jurors said that if they had gone into deliberation at that point, the verdict would have been ‘not guilty’, one saying that he could see what the government was doing to them.  The Bundy’s, their defense team, supporters and even a few jurors met outside the courthouse main entrance.  The jurors had been impressed by Ryan Bundy’s representation of himself, one of the jurors calling it ‘awesome’.

Bret Whipple, the attorney for Ammon Bundy said; “All we need to do is point out her findings that the evidence was ‘material,’ and the violations were ‘willful,’ and attach the Chapman case. In my mind that seals the deal…I’m confident we’ll get a mistrial with prejudice. One step at a time. We’re getting close.”  The Chapman case, like the Bundy case, was headed by Steven Myhre and ended in a mistrial due to the prosecutions failure to disclose exculpatory evidence.

Judge Navarro has not considered the new allegations about prosecutorial misconduct that were made public in an email leaked to Washington State Representative Matt Shea on December 14, 2017.  The email was written by the former lead investigator of the Bundy case within the BLM, Agent Larry Wooten.  Wooten wrote of cooperation between his supervisor and prosecutor Steven Myhre to withhold evidence and his own dismissal as case investigator after his own failed efforts to supply evidence to Myhre.

Larry Klayman, a former Justice Department prosecutor and the founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, sent a message to Attorney General Jeff Sessions on December 21, 2017. “In the last week, through an ethically troubled BLM whistleblower who came forward as a matter of conscience, Larry “Clint” Wooten, it was also disclosed that BLM and the FBI had put the Bundys on a “kill list,” mocked and disparaged their Mormon faith, and bragged about assaulting and waging a violent invasion of their land, as well as harming them.

To make matters ethically and legally worse, Myhre and his staff also suppressed this whistleblower report documenting BLM and FBI gross misconduct and indeed criminal behavior. In short, your prosecutors in Nevada not just condoned the hiding and destruction of evidence that could lead to my client’s acquittal, but they themselves engaged in obstruction of justice through a cover-up. Importantly, Myhre and his staff committed crimes in furtherance of attempting to falsely convict Cliven Bundy. Incredibly, if convicted on all counts, Cliven and his sons would be sentenced to mandatory life imprisonment.”

Klayman’s letter continued; “…it is incumbent that you also direct the Department’s OPR and the IG to now conduct an ethics investigation and mete out appropriate strong disciplinary sanctions against Myhre and his staff, as well as the involved complicit FBI agents”.  Klayman has requested an investigation of the Bundy prosecution several times in the last year, and filed formal complaints against Sessions, the Inspector General (IG), and the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) when an investigation was not conducted in a timely manner.

Spokesman for the United States Justice Department, Ian Prior, said Jeff Sessions takes this issue very seriously and has personally directed a review and report of the case against Cliven Bundy.  When a judge makes a finding of misconduct by a prosecutor, the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Professional Responsibility investigates and determines if discipline is warranted. That can range from a reprimand to a suspension.  At this point, it is even possible for the government to call an end to the case.  It is disturbing that Sessions used the phrase “review and report” rather than investigation.

Not included in the violations committed by the prosecution are any issues that had not “ripened” when Judge Navarro declared a mistrial.  The ripeness refers to the readiness for litigation; “a claim is not ripe for adjudication if it rests upon contingent future events that may not occur as anticipated, or not occur at all”.  Although the ‘Wooten materials’ make many allegations of prosecutorial misconduct, there must be an investigation and possibly litigation before there can be sanctions or other punishments.

Also not covered is another violation in regards to testimony given by Mary Jo Rugwell regarding the Bundy’s water rights.  It seems Rugwell has perjured herself when she testified that she knew nothing about the Bundy’s water rights, but evidence was found that she had previously tried to have those water rights cancelled.

Defense lawyers said the violations in this Bundy trial are more extensive, involving thousands of pages of documents deliberately withheld.

At a roundtable discussion later in the day of the hearing, Ammon Bundy described how the prosecution of the Hammond family in Oregon paralleled the Bundy case in Nevada.  Ammon said the Hammonds did not have the benefit of a good defense team, so they are in prison.  He continued by saying that we need to act to get the Hammonds out of prison now.

Cliven Bundy is still ‘resisting release’ by not accepting an ankle bracelet monitoring device and a halfway house as a condition of release, and he is also insisting that all the men that came to his ranch in his defense be freed before him.

This article is offered to all other media under the Creative Commons License, when proper credit is given to Terry Noonkester, The Roseburg Beacon and Redoubt News.


Please support our coverage of your rights. Donate here:

We at Resurrect the Republic only occasionally republish articles written by others when the information is critical, and in desire to promote the sources we share. Redoubt News has been instrumental in informing the public accurately the real story behind this persecution. They were on top and still are of all of the details before the Associated Press or any other main stream source. We at RTR therefore request that you visit their site, support their effort, and show them the respect that they have earned through tireless work.

Tom Lacovara-Stewart | Lorri Anderson

RTR Truth Media | Resurrect the Republic Radio Show

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Former NBC boss asserts his grandson damaged by vaccines

Parents Against Mandatory Vaccines

Former NBC boss asserts his grandson damaged by vaccines

bob wright

By Jon Rappoport,
April 20, 2016

The roof is beginning to cave in on the vaccine empire.

Now, in the wake of the unsuccessful attempt to censor the film Vaxxed (trailer), we have Bob Wright, the former CEO of media giant, NBC Universal, authoring a new book, “The Wright Stuff: From NBC to Autism Speaks.”

In its review of the book, Accuracy in Media provides a devastating quote from Wright about his autistic grandson:

“Right after he got the standard one-year vaccinations, he developed a very high fever and screamed for hours. Katie [Wright’s daughter] was so frightened she called her husband to come home from work and they put the baby in an ice bath to bring down the fever. When they called the doctor they were told the reaction was completely normal.”

Yes, completely normal in the eyes…

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CIA Document 1035-960: Foundation of a Weaponized Term

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Veteran Journalist Outlines How to take America back from the Beast in Washington D.C. – – Gmail

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#UPDATE First state to block #PlannedParenthood funds sees call reversed -@thehill

In a never ending battle against people who have no respect for the sanctity of human life, is the latest in the battle. It is no secret that we are pro-life. But the real question is …..who would not be ? What kind of person allows a baby after 20 weeks to be torn out and used for parts?

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Rockefeller & Carnegie Helped Communists Takeover of China

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