Release of Gun Owners Addresses NOT Constitutional

        Release of Gun Owners Addresses NOT Constitutional 

             We are experiencing an ever increasing division among the public. Far left, far right, and what people fail to realize is that the primary tactic of any entity to attempt to control anything is to divide and conquer. While we are all preoccupied with our individual ideological differences we manage to accomplish little to nothing while the powers that be increase their portfolios significantly. I think back to Micheal Moore on a video clip backing up Occupy Wall Street……criticizing capitalism and while demonizing the wealthy a cut to his mansion and a reporter asking him if he will donate a million dollars to the Occupy movement……while of course he ignored the question. And it’s not just Moores hypocrisy……there are countless leftist s as well as those on the right whom are equally hypocritical. George W. Bush, while claiming to respect life enough to be completely against abortion, then orders thousands of troops to locations all across the Middle East on campaigns of violence theft and even murder. While there has been a law enacted to protect whistleblower s, Bradley Manning, the young brave patriotic Army private had his conscience wrecked when he saw evidence of lies and murder perpetrated by US Army helicopter pilots who quite possibly accidentally mistook a Reuters journalists telephoto lens as a rocket propelled grenade launcher, but then went on to lie to secure permission to destroy a truck that came in to render medical aide to the injured, killing two children in the process. While one child was barely alive and Marines moved in and advised that they intended to take the child to Camp Rustimayah’s base hospital, command denied that, telling them to take the child and hand her off to the Iraqi police……losing critical time and thus condemning the child to certain death. Why do I mention this in a blog about the medias complete disregard for the safety of others? Quite simply, to let it be known that I am an objective- non partisan free thinker. Nowhere in the Constitution that I have been raised to believe in does it give the President of the United States the ability to declare war. Only Congress, after much discussion can declare War. But as Bush broke that, so does Obama .      
             Now to my main point of the moment. The completely immoral media these days. The Freedom of Information Act was intended to ensure government transparency, not to release information about private law abiding citizens and what private property they possibly own. While registering legally to own a handgun is a requirement by law, the information gathered in the process is obviously collected by the government. So technically, while being government held information, it is not information that should be or ever was intended to be used and subsequently released to the public in the form of a map with specific registered gun owners homes highlighted on the map. Why I mentioned the above information? The information regarding a murder committed by US government personnel is considered by the powers that be to be traitorous to release to the point that they are willing to send a brave young man to prison for the rest of his life, yet much less explosive information is just fine to post to everyone without penalty. What is wrong with that picture? The 4th Ammendment to the US Constitution gives us as a fundamental right to be secure in our persons, houses, papers and effects such as private property. This is the Supreme Law of the land. Now we can argue what the meaning of the word security is…….but I seriously believe to post to the world, the specific house numbers……the place where people and their families live that have been forced to obtain a piece of paper just to give them a right they already had, and by doing so allowing criminals to know where they can target specifically to rob when these home owners leave the house? To publish that information in the format that it was released should be met with criminal charges much the same as happened to Private Bradley Manning. Just because someone does not agree with the current laws or are opposed to something does NOT give anyone the right to specifically and intentionally endanger people’s lives and property. I have heard countless morons insisting that the information was clearly covered under freedom of information, and perhaps in a different format this would be true, such as publishing the number of permits in any specific county. But what this careless  and totally ridiculous move has done is to now create good reason for what should be a law abiding public to begin to defy the law and have a perfectly valid argument as to how and why the existing law has become far more dangerous than the effect of the permit process gives. First of all, if someone passes a background check and has never committed a felony, that should be enough to purchase a firearm……period. What this newspaper has done has given a perfectly valid argument to the abolition of the actual permit. For if the recording of this highly personal and private information gives the ability for that information to be openly published, then the information should not be had. It is as clear and simple as that. The goal they were attempting? To demonize those who have taken the time and gone through the proper legal steps to own responsibly, while not bothering to take all that effort to figure out a way to expose the criminals who could care less about permits. 
               Also, and this just have slipped their minds, by publishing this map, what was waited for , was a reason to specifically identify how the granting of a permit to those whom could have just as easily merely proven that they were not felons , has now a solid argument for the permit process being unconstitutional. It has been a hot debate but lacking in being able to clearly identify how the permit process was unconstitutional…….so I suppose in a way, rather than continue to be outraged, gun owners now have the newspaper to thank. I hope to soon see a flood of cases hitting the courts to prove finally just how wrong forcing those who are not, nor have ever given cause to believe that they are not exactly what they are ..and that is ….law abiding……. to be forced to hold a card to say so, the existence of  which, in and of itself, by becoming a government record, has clearly endangered their security. Now this security violation is either a mistake by releasing, or has become a security issue due to the incompetence of government employees……  No matter which way you choose to slice it, it really doesn’t matter in that either the government can not have the information because either the Freedom Of Information Act causes the information to be unsecured, or this form of information is not covered or applicable to the Freedom Of Information Act. We as a republic, regardless of our personal beliefs can not entertain allowing any unconstitutional act to be allowed, even if we personally are for or against whatever the specific issue is. If we allow it to happen even involving something we either do not care about or in direct conflict of something we want, we can not act as children and allow the Constitution to be infringed upon just on things we oppose…..because if we go down that road, one day for sure something that we do care about will be lost. 

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