My Life With Lyme Disease

       Today is the first day that I intend to take down what a day in the life is like. Someday, everyone will understand what has been perpetrated upon us, by factions and banker backed individuals in the government, is so bad, so heinous in nature, that God willing those who are found guilty if we can actually win in getting “real investigations”, I am infected with a biological weapon that was either purposefully or accidentally released and began a widespread epidemic across the NorthEastern US. Today is day one of my blog, but I am in my 40s. I was infected around age 12. 

About RTR Truth Media

Constitutionalist, Investigative Journalist, Talk Radio, former Fire Fighter, and liberty, "Constitutional" activist..... Host of the Resurrect The Republic | Dirty Uncle Sam Truth Radio Broadcast on RBN the "Republic Broadcasting Network" Writer - Writer - Patriot News Release
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