South Jersey Based Watchdog Cop Watch Award

South Jersey Cop Watch Sign Ups

       We are looking for honest individuals to help

– must not have charges pending or serious criminal history.
– must be willing to take Constitutional Oath
– must be willing to work with police and the community, not against anyone or anything but injustice
– must be willing to be “fully” responsible for your actions “at all times”
     ( no emotional individuals with an axe to going against specific agencies / most investigations are based on citizens lead and no one can be involved in an investigation against an agency they have issue with ) unless said agency is the aggressor against individual related only to Cop Watch association……In other words…..they can not initiate actions to have investigators pulled from operations.

If this sounds like something you would be up for send us an email!
Liberty Media FIAT Group
I use my “real” identity, so no one else has to.


About RTR Truth Media

Constitutionalist, Investigative Journalist, Talk Radio, former Fire Fighter, and liberty, "Constitutional" activist..... Host of the Resurrect The Republic | Dirty Uncle Sam Truth Radio Broadcast on RBN the "Republic Broadcasting Network" Writer - Writer - Patriot News Release
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