Soviet and Nazi Socialist Takeover of America

It was a defected K.G.B. Officer who came here because he wanted freedom and out and away from the oppressive surveillance state. You know…. The one from those 70’s and 80’s cheesy movies that show no one being allowed to do anything but starve in Russia. While I can not condone Communism, in any way shape or form, I can not help to wonder….. Was it true? Was it really “that” bad ?
Fortunately, to answer that question was a “now” American trucker who immigrated from The U.S.S.R. ……he was not only happy to be here but he was taking part in the
Truckers Ride For The Constitution. Why? I always really love to find out the why about things… And he told me why. Why, is because he “knew and fully understood exactly what was going on and he felt compelled to do something about it. But what is it, of which we are speaking?

There has been a 50 year, deliberate all out Operation to infiltrate our country and our government and infuse socialism within the mechanism like a computer virus among a P.C.
They assailed on Hollywood…… Yes ….my father was wrong ….they were there. They were just on “both” sides of the political spectre. They also infiltrated the board of education. Right out of Mein Kampf and the Communist manifesto, and much like we have seen and heard with the Obama call for a civilian force as large as that of the military, and D.H.S. , who we broke a story just last night of a police officer who came forward to admit that his friend at D.H.S. “Knew” …..had advance knowledge of the bombing and that it was all lies whatever would be heard about it. He was looking to get out. I don’t blame him…how can you feel safe when your brothers are happy about the bonuses they are being offered, and like a deer in the headlights with all the cool toys of the militarized police state ……of the Nazis….oh I’m sorry, I mean cops…….and the thing that makes me really angry is that many of their own ranks can not see that there are issues.

This is going to be a four part mini short, so as to stay fresh and not long winded
By TomLacovara


About RTR Truth Media

Constitutionalist, Investigative Journalist, Talk Radio, former Fire Fighter, and liberty, "Constitutional" activist..... Host of the Resurrect The Republic | Dirty Uncle Sam Truth Radio Broadcast on RBN the "Republic Broadcasting Network" Writer - Writer - Patriot News Release
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