Weekend Vigilante – w Sheila Zilinsky Dr.Tim Bell – Fritz Springmeier 10/7/2013


Today on the Weekend Vigilante

with Host Sheila McClarty Zilinsky

Dr. Tim Bell                     special guest “Fritz Springmeier”

and Investigative Journalist, Liberty Patriot, Oath Keeper, Thomas Bam Bam Lacovara


Fritz Springmeier, an author and world-renowned researcher, and dedicated Christian, reveals among many other things, Illuminati secrets and the mass mind control that is used by repressive evil forces that seek to destroy what comes in the true good nature that is in God. We have a job as old as the ancients. The battle against good and evil, the triumph of the Republic that I believe was divinely inspired.

These forces seek to put aside and put asunder what God has provided. It is truly the job of any son, but certainly of the Sons Of Liberty, and His Holy Order of Christian Knights. Ones that need not ritual or…

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