“Behold” – Gods Holy Warriors, Time For A New Crusade


I am a concerned American for my country. I am a Patriot and a Keeper of the constitutional oath, but I am also first and foremost a Christian. And as I have risen to fight for my country, I have been blessed to have been surrounded by men and women of high esteem and of pure heart for the Constitution, brothers and sisters of all backgrounds united for a common purpose……         While we do so, most of America sits it out. They sit back and drink their beverages of choice and watch their favorite “programming”. They sit day after day, night after night and often when I attempt to speak out and up about events in the world, I get interrupted and attempts to silence me for the discomfort they feel. Change the subject I often hear. This is too serious…..”too doom and gloom” they say…

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Constitutionalist, Investigative Journalist, Talk Radio, former Fire Fighter, and liberty, "Constitutional" activist..... Host of the Resurrect The Republic | Dirty Uncle Sam Truth Radio Broadcast on RBN the "Republic Broadcasting Network" Writer - ResurrectTheRepublic.com Writer - Patriot News Release http://RTRTruthMedia.blogspot.com
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