Revolution – Then And Now – “The New Shot Heard Round The World”


By Tom Lacovara

Sadness fills my heart these days as Americans stay asleep to the treachery that is afoot. And eroded, is our ability to discern the real from the not. What is very real is tyranny, and what “is” is that we have had the new shot that was most assuredly “heard round the world”, in that the Boston Bombing has taught us NOTHING, if we can not make the clear comparison to then and now, and the “British”, and the martial law that was declared in Watertown.

This region is historic for the opposition of tyranny and knew by horrible massacre exactly who the “enemy” was. But the enemy has learned from its bold mistakes to use misdirection and the “appearance” that all is for the “common good”.

So what have we learned? Little to nothing I might say considering I brought forward a witness with proof, a…

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