The Lawful Implementation of Coordinated REVOLUTION


There are many schools of thought on our current state of the Republic. Enter Larry Klayman. He is not only one of the foremost conservative legal minds, but he has the guts to back up the action. Mr. Klayman, a Duke University graduate with honors who is famous for breaking up the AT&T telephone monopoly thus stimulating much needed and healthy competition, it is no coincidence that he also fights the same style of monopoly in government corruption. It is very much a similar animal.

Two books under his belt in writing, Fatal Neglect,  and Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment, and now working on his third project on the complete deterioration of the current political and legal establishments, he has began a grass roots effort rising to come to a lawful and peaceful state of revolution, and dissolution, with the re-establishment of a new government…

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