Morvin Institute of Freedom – Marvin Clark – An Amazing American Patriot

Marvin Clark

Marvin Clark – American Patriot

I have done so many articles that show the path that we are going and the impact of the negativity is immense. so when I come across a story and an individual so absolutely inspiring and rich with history and tradition, it warms my heart and reminds me, and further steels my resolve to endeavor to persevere with the fight for liberty.   I urge anyone to take a momment and click on the link to his personal blog, where there are only a few articles of recent, but they are powerul revelations of things to come and to the tyranny and oppression that has permeated beyond our front door.


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Purchase of this book can be made here on the official site to the Morven Institute

– an excerpt from the site of The Morven Institute of Freedom (link to site above)

Attorney Marvin Clark is a direct descendant of several notables of New Jersey from the Revolutionary War, including Col. William Shreve (brother of Col. Israel Shreve, the hero of Brandywine) Captain Richard Shreve of the “Light Horse,” and Major Barzillai Newbold. These people all were Quakers. But they recognized that piety becomes false and sinful when it permits murderous tyrants to prevail. So, in spite of Quaker piety they rose to be counted and took their stand when the call went out for those who would secure our freedoms.

Marvin Clark also is directly descended from Thomas Lamb and the Rev. Thomas Budd, both of whom were Quakers and are recorded in Fox’s Book of Martyrs. Reverend Budd died in 1681, after eight years of imprisonment in Ilchester jail because he dared to disobey the Bishop who demanded that he make his parishoners drunk.

Marvin Clark has named this organization “Morven” Institute of Freedom in remembrance of Richard Stockton who signed the Declaration of Independence. This is because Richard Stockton sacrificed his claim to financial comfort so that we might be free. The “Morven” name was used in an effort to give new life to the voice and ideals of an original patriot who “gave all” so that we could live free. Richard Stockton did not cowardly shrink from duty in order to retain the esteem of his government and social “perks” from the “system” of his day. Richard Stockton, and many other Christians of his day, created our nation and contributed to the national legacy and birthright that the Morven Institute now is seeking to have restored to its rightful heirs and beneficiaries—the good and decent people of the United States of America.


I highly recommend the writings of Mr. Clark. He is a true American Patriot

                                                                                                                                                – Thomas Robert Lacovara-Stewart

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  3. Thanks for finally writing about >Morvin Institute of
    Freedom – Marvin Clark – An Amazing American Patriot |
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