All to well we know back in the beginning of the announcement of the chemical weapons attacks on the Syrian people that brought an immediate calling from the Obama Administration for support to remove Assad, who it absolutely disgusts me that I must to any degree defend, which politically is a powerful weight in and of itself. But just as we can not jump in with both feet to American movements under the banner in the Red White and Blue of self appointed leaders here, we can most certainly not do so in a foreign land where it is not endangering our National Security to stay out of it. Its not that we do not know which ones are the bad guys and who the good, no. The problem here is that both sides are equally screwed up. And anyone claiming to know that one side is good is either disengenuous or a complete fool. I do not tend to think that Generals got to be Generals by being stupid. Just to give you an idea of what I am talking about I include a few (EXTREMELY GRAPHIC) videos, just to give you an idea from where the “F.S.A>’ or Free Syrian Army as they have been come to be known by, gets their soldiers….and I use the term loosely becayse these are men of dishonor.

These individuals are “Al Qaeda”, and the victim is a Syrian Police officer. Before you go giving your opinion as to if we “should or shouldn’t” send our young men and women into harms way, I say to you that do you really know what it is you are talking about? I urge you to challenge your thoughts on this matter. And continue to see what it is that makes this so extremely complicated, and who is affected the most. The families of our fighting men and women are the ones that suffer the greatest when the suits in D.C. are just “itching to strike”. They place John McCain out there to get the support of the troops…..but he has totally lost many of those mens respect. as you will see in the next video.

Now we know that tensions are running high, and that those who call themselves “Republican” such as McCain, always seen to support whichever administration that wants and is ready to send our men and women into harms way, while they play golf in Hawaii. So now that we know, to my fellow conservative Christians, we can not support the same devils that murder people in cold blood, and do so so absolutely dishonorably that they even kill those who surrender. This si beyond acceptable. Nomatter how much we stand in opposition to a government, it is their country, not that of the C.I.A. Here will will go on to see the murder in cold blood at the hands of the F.S.A.

So now where do Generals come in? Well we do have some on active duty in this area. And we do have Generals who are currently standing against involvement. It seems odd to me that we have Generals being purged who stand against Obama. Do we not pay them to do this job? have we not invested decades in their training? So someone please tell me what we have a Retired General crossing over from the Turkish border, and apparently doing so on his own and without the endorsement of the President? And a military Intelligence General at that. And the best argument someone gave me was as to why I should not be so critical was that he was “instrumental” in arranging two alleged “journalists” who were detained? As if the C.I.A. has never posed as journalists before. Im not saying that these were, but one positive assistance does not make it right to ever deal with, nor lend aid or comfort to ones domestic enemies.


I ask you, if our intelligence community has even said that this group comprises the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Queada, then what are we doing? And how many babies do these guys need to kiss, or journalists do they have to be “instrumental” in having released befor we realize that we are not only allowing them to do so in our name but against the peoples will as well. Both in Syria as well as the United States….. we say NO!

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