Ken O’Keefe: War on Syria will Draw in Russia, Trigger World War III !

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  • I believe the major powers ie: US+NATO vs Russia, will still opt to fight via their proxies ie.: Zionist ‘666’ Israel vs Iran/Syria and Mulsim allies. Emphasis mine:
  • War on Syria will draw in Russia, trigger World War III ! 
    A former US Marine says any foreign military intervention in Syria would instigate a third World War by inevitably getting Russia involved in the conflict, Press TV reports.

    Ken O’Keefe, a former US Marine, told Press TV on Saturday that Russia would not remain indifferent to a potential military attack against Syria.

    “Russia has made [it] very, very clear that they would not sit by and allow yet another country to be bombarded and effectively raped and pillaged in terms with the empires’ designs. It will not allow this to happen,” O’Keefe said. He said a third world war was possible with “even…

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