All Roads Lead To This, Maybe…

When pursuing to “Resurrect this once great Republic, one must begin with good information. here within is such information….. I share with my readers and listeners on Resurrect the Republic | Dirty Uncle Sam and on the Patriot News Release, as many liberty based authors . I highly recommend this blog.


The other day I was asked how the President thinks he can do what he wants even if it is unconstitutional. Understanding the fact that most people in the nation don’t fully understand our current system, I took the time to explain.

In the latter part of 1863, an illegal amendment to The Constitution of The United States took force in the minds of the federal government. This amendment was not signed by the president (who consequently was impeached after his refusal to sign the executive order which put it in play) instead it was signed by the Secretary of State at the time. There is nothing lawful about the implementation of said amendment and can be quickly verified @ This set the stage for many of the unlawful acts perpetrated on the American public including but not limited to income tax, driver’s licenses, the central banking system, a…

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