ISIS beheads 21 Copts for ‘carrying the illusion of the cross’ [pics]

Keep in mind, what is “terrorizing the public” is also not being smashed into the ground. This means that it is taking place at the behest of an “agenda”. This agenda is not being created by Radical Jihad, but has created and is running it as if it were and many involved are undoubtedly Muslims who have been radicalized. But the real question is “by whom”? Al Bhagdadi is a known MOSSAD trained agent. It is known in the Middle Eastern World and was managed to have been still kept relatively quiet. In an article from Veterans Today it was discussed. We must realize that there are Corporate agendas at play here and a project. The Greater Israel Project. Look it up. To understand why there is a rising Caliphate one would be remiss not to ask…….why? Why now ? What is causing it ? And why is Israel never hit like the surrounding countries ? Never. That seems a little too lucky to me. But those of us who know better know that most Terrorism is absolutely false flag. Israel is king of that department and anyone who says otherwise I will call.a damn liar straight to their faces. This is a created army, and is not the least bit seriously ISLAMIC. Sure…..they may have many poor and ignorant mountain men following. But it is after they have seen ALLAH appear in front of them. They have been using technologies and these are a very superstitious people. They have absolutely zero mental defense against those types of techniques. Any evil and very well funded organization has access to these technologies and we have heard testimony of ALLAH appearing and telling enemy combatants that they can give in and help the Americans now……hello….ALLAH “appeared” and said this……really?
But on and on it goes the gullible nature of the public to believe anything they see on TV .

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