Our thanks to the Publisher of The message of Liberty and truth need be heard and in fact is our responsibility to stand as watchmen/women on the wall and to blow the trumpet, or take to the pen and keyboards ( sometimes mightier than the sword ) and break through the disinformation of the Corporate Fascist controlled Main Stream Media. There is even rumblings of those with noble titles in government that it is being considered that those who do not believe the propaganda of the Corporate Media should be grounds for mental health evaluations. Conspiracy theorists are being accused of mental illness. Well of course we would seem crazy to them. We do not compute evil as normal rational thought as they do. And not for anything, those in the positions that are being accused of committing crimes against humanity and fraud of monumental proportions should not be the ones defining what “mental illness is”, because as a famous man once said,…….it depends on what “is”…..”is”…….


Published on Nov 29, 2014

Katy ISD (Independent School District) has taken an entire step toward world Communism and is acting as if it were a full on City Council. It has hired its own police Department, and violates the Constitution by allowing children to be questioned in a law enforcement capacity abusing its power and authority granted only non L.E. school personnel to better help provide parents with problems so that they can solve them before children become of an accountable age. They keep records like no time ever before in history and have gone digital with it, This parent and taxpayer and therefore the employer of those who sit on the board that speak for the Corporation known as Katy ISD, WANTED TO KNOW WHY ILLEGAL COMMON CORE COMMUNIST CURRICULUM WAS FOUND IN HER CHILDS HOMEWORK IN VIOLATION OF H.B 462 that OUTLAWS IT !


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