United State’s New Hero ~ Vladimir Putin: Russia Issues International Arrest Warrant For Soros ~ NWO Overthrows Turkey & Jordan!

While I do not trust Putin, nor any ex-KGB or Communist intelligence agents, however, that being said, we get more truth and action against the Global Banksters with him than we get with any of our IMF ROTHSCHILD controlled politicians. Our research here at the Patriot News Release as well as our main site http://ResurrectTheRepublic.com , which has many politicians extremely nervous as we have found the House and Congressional Records to PROVE that we were overthrown by treason from within.

We must now all rise up against these global bankers and the ROTHSCHILD, ROCKEFELLER criminals. While everyone supports Israel in the Council on Foriegn Relations controlled political landscape, they ado not have the intellect or courage to say what needs to be said…..Israel gives these criminals shelter, so does the UK. And both the UK and Israel endanger the people of this country. Israel is NOT the historical equivalent to the ancient people…..they are as we are a CORPORATE FRAUD and illusion of what we and they say that they are. We are not a country when referring to the U.S. INC. Our Constitutiona was replaced and the one they replaced it with they now finally took the last step and implemented Martial Law already with the Emergency War Powers since the Civil War that is now supported by the NDAA.

Political Vel Craft

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