Iran will act if ISIL come near 40 kilometers from country’s borders

Just thought I’d pass this along the pipeline. I have as you all know, been keeping a very close eye on the Iranian situation. I am and will always be a Conservative, but knowing what I do about the U.S. Government, and it’s history with lying their teeth off to go to war, while accepting the Intel of politicians that contradicts “their own” Mossad, is rather insane considering our nation is at the precipice of a financial collapse. They are and have been obviously continuously trying to run the United States into the ground by acting as allies and drawing us into wars we can not afford. The Communists announced their plans and we have all but invited them in to stay. We forget their origins and allow our blindness by “spiritual propaganda” and manipulation to keep us on “the fast track” to the destruction of our nation. With a MARXIST in the White House and BOLSHEVIK Communists given total protection ….either by the cover of anti-Semitism, or the guilt trip about our false obligations as those who bless ISRAEL will be blessed, and those who curse ISRAEL shall be cursed……the only problem is that Christ was the head of the church and he called the holy men in Jerusalem imposters of the devil…….time to put our “big boy” pants on and call it like it is.

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Iran’s Interior Minister Abdulreza Rahmani-Fazli says border areas between Iran and Iraq could be used by the ISIL to conduct terrorist operations. But he says Iran’s armed forces have never allowed any terrorist operation to occur at the western borders. Rahmani-Fazli has further emphasized that the presence of US-led forces in the region to fight the ISIL has been a strategic mistake. He says the alliance has so far been unable to confront the terrorists effectively. Iran’s interior minister says the only success against the ISIL has been scored by the Iraqi popular forces who have joined the army against the terrorists. 

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