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This is the site of Suppressed Truth Round Up, a place to engage in debate on long standing “Conspiracies” that are nolonger theories but proven fact. The Rockefeller backed New World Order – One World Communist Dictatorship that is now                 wide out in the open and steaming ahead.

To understand all of the class warfare, division, racial tension, and Marxist tactics that are being utilized to divide all communities, one must know one’s enemy completely. From the Rockefellers to the Vatican, the Global Power elite are all controlled and the one’s we see are only the tip of the proverbial Iceberg. To get to the underbelly, or the capstone as it were, it requires research and or discovery and the ability to critically think, which the Rockefellers have stifled intentionally for decades through the implementation of the World Core Curriculum, the 1960’s…

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Constitutionalist, Investigative Journalist, Talk Radio, former Fire Fighter, and liberty, "Constitutional" activist..... Host of the Resurrect The Republic | Dirty Uncle Sam Truth Radio Broadcast on RBN the "Republic Broadcasting Network" Writer - Writer - Patriot News Release
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