Turning the Tide: Is Society to Blame?

This author, blazes a trail in her wake in her pursuit of truth and keeping with the traditions that once that experienced a taste of liberty.
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Tyranny Reigns

Our Republic was based on a principle that dates back to Biblical times. Many people use the quote “Innocent until proven guilty” but is that really the case? Do you really believe and live that statement? Let’s find out by putting you to the test with the biggest test of all, self reflection. This test you will answer to yourself, so make sure you are brutally honest. If you can’t be honest with yourself, all people including you have already lost the battle.

Let’s take a good hard look and see if you truly believe in “Innocent until proven guilty”;  or,  if you’ve been brainwashed to believe in “social justice” or “guilty until proven innocent” while expecting the opposite for yourself. This backwards and upside down mentality is destroying millions of lives and our union. It’s time we take a look deep within ourselves. Only by deep reflection of ourselves…

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