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Mossad chief’s chillingly prescient kidnap prophecy – Diplomacy and DefenseIsrael News – Haaretz Israeli News source

Do we ever find it surprising when an Intelligence Service has either posited a theory or taken part in active scenarios that end up occurring “RIGHT BEFORE THEY OCCUR”. I mean, planning is what they do……but all the more it … Continue reading

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All to well we know back in the beginning of the announcement of the chemical weapons attacks on the Syrian people that brought an immediate calling from the Obama Administration for support to remove Assad, who it absolutely disgusts me … Continue reading

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9/11 TRUTH – Rumsfeld Lies Exposed !

Here is clear and present evidence that we were lied to at very least and that we know bull dung when we smell it. So much for us being crazy. Please my fellow country men and women….Please all of you … Continue reading

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Wolverton: Congress needs to put down the TSA monster

Originally posted on History in a Hurry:
Tuesday, 05 November 2013 10:10 TSA to Pre-Screen Air Travelers’ Tax Info, Property Records, Travel History Written by Joe Wolverton, II, J.D. Owe money to the IRS? Having trouble making your mortgage payments?…

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BOSTON BOMBING BOMBSHELL – Whistleblower Revealed DHS Alleged FALSE FLAG CONFIRMED (warning graphic pictures)

Originally posted on Patriot News Release:
BOSTON BOMBING EVIDENCE OF INSIDE JOB RELEASED HERE ON the WEEKEND VIGILANTE w Sheila Zilinsky and Dr. Tim Ball , and with Investigative Journalist Tom Bam Bam Lacovara The Weekend Vigilante Investigative Team seeks…

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And In Comes A Hero – Welcoming Sgt. Jim Canning to staff writer for the F.I.A.T. Media Patriots

James Canning Sr. Continue reading

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