I must warn everyone…… this is not a page for children and should not be watched and left for children or the those who might be traumatized by violent graphic visuals. This is the enemy that seek the destruction of all Christians. While I absolutely do not condone the occupation of the land of which these barbarians inhabit, nor the killing of innocent men, women and children, and while I believe that no one…….no one but God has the right to judge life or death based on what we choose to believe, I also do not feel comfortable about failing to do anything about these horrors. But the reason they are continuing is because THAT has NOTHING to do with why our military is really there. And THAT is yet another reason our nation is being punished. We have the responsibility of not only standing for the principles our founders identified, no matter what we believe of their intentions. No matter what we believe of Free Masonry and the conspiracies that surround the founders. They ARE our founders, and the Constitution IS the Supreme Law. Not the one that they have replaced it with…….again, showing the length at deception that is used by forces that seek evil and the gain of mere profit void of the responsibility that is all of ours to see that evil is not allowed to overcome all that is good. I am trying to show everyone the horrors by which we have been insulated. The real truth as to what we ARE and what we ARE NOT doing there. And what we must do about it. This is my mission. This is my goal. Please get involved, Please do “something”, anything, to aide in stopping this. Pray, talk about it. And when people try to tell you that they do not want to hear it ….remind them that it is here…..and growing…..and how would they feel if it were their brother…..or father, or worse, their mother and or sister…….if that what it takes for those to realize that this can not be allowed to happen while we turn our heads if we are not to be seen as complicit.

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